Interior Exterior combo 

-Exterior wash and wax

-Paint seal for extra protection

-Complete wheel shine

-Clay bar treatment

-Full car buff and polish 

-Engine bay cleaning

-Blow out entire car

​-Indepth vacuums of your interior 

-Close attention to vents and buttons

-Steam clean carpets and seats 

​-Wipe down all surfaces 

-Leather and vinyl protection on all leather and vinyl

​-Oder removal 



 ​Interior wash $99

-In depth vacuuming of the entire car

-Blow out every crevice of your interior 

-Wipe down all surfaces 

​-steam clean carpets and seats 

-Odor removal 

​-Clean all glass

-Clean door jams 


​​Exterior shine$79

- Exterior wash and wax

- Clay bar treatment 

-Clean all glass

-Clean tires

-Shine up your rims

-Good paint buffing to remove minor scratches

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​ Luxe Auto Detailing ​​


       Fleet Maintenance-

  • Maintain your commercial vehicles at an hourly rate or by the project.
  • Set up a schedule to have them detailed regularly. 
  • Train your crew to maintain their vehicles with proper chemicals and procedure
  • Supply all of your chemical and equipment needs
  • Maintain your equipment such as Shop Vac, Blow Guns, Microfiber Towels , etc.

          Services exluded from the above packages may be added for an additional charge:

  • Pet Hair
  • Excessive stains and or worn carpet repair
  • Engine Degreasing
  • Wheel wells
  • Cigarette Tar 
  • Child seats
  • Seat belts
  • Road tar
  • Road paint
  • Brake dust build up
  • Rail dust and other paint containaments
  • Headliner