Luxe Auto Detailing ​​


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 We pick up and drop off every vehicle.

 Don't let distance be an issue with having your car  detailied with the utmost care.

 We had some specifics that we wanted to meet on selecting the perfect location for our business at this time. The location we selected had to be safe and secure as well as central to all of the communities we aim to serve. That is why we are in "the middle of nowhere" Perry, MI. This location is ideal to keep costs down and satisfaction high. We offer the pick up and drop off service because it is convenient to you as our customer and for us. Thank you for trusting us with your car, one of the largest investments we make as individuals. We will take the greatest care of your car and possessions left inside the car.


Luxe Auto Detailing

4605 W Haslett Rd, Perry, Michigan 48872, United States

 Phone: 517-996-2208